Why Mining Is A Blessing And A Curse?

Mining for raw materials and resources has been a longstanding industry with a prominent history. It has been at the forefront of the progress of the industrial revolution, as raw materials such as iron ore and the like were extremely important during this time. In addition, the mining industry also divides into different categories. For instance, diamond mining, coal mining, lithium mining, and gem mining are fairly common mining industries.

While mining is definitely an extremely crucial practice to the sustenance of many an industry, it does have its fair share of negative aspects, in addition to its positive points.

Advantages of mining

Mining is significant for many industries, as was mentioned above. It allows for many goods and services to be put into the market and may in fact be called the backbone of some productions. Especially iron and iron ore is a crucial element that is important in almost every prominent industry and production. From factory machinery, to adventure sports equipment, to your kitchen appliances, ad especially for the construction of skyscrapers, steel and the iron that is used to create it, would be unavailable if it was to for the mining industry.

In terms of gem deposits, some precious gems need not be mined, and are usually found through panning done in rivers. This is a practice also seen in gold mining. While some gems such as sapphires may be panned, others such as diamonds are usually better found deep in the ground, which is where mining comes into play. Diamonds is an extremely large industry, especially in South Africa, and most parts of Central Africa. This section of the world produces the majority of diamonds globally. With more and more demand for diamonds and diamond jewellery, the industry continues to thrive. As it is also the hardest substance in the world, the use of the diamond is beyond that of merely a precious gem for jewellery. It is also used in machinery to cut other had substances, as well as for drilling substances. Industrial-grade diamonds are treated differently to commercial-grade diamonds, in terms of cost and value.

Disadvantages of the mining industry

The mining industry is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Mining deaths are commonplace and tragic. Many lives are lost each year to this industry.

Although miners are usually equipped with the necessary equipment, such as headlamp Hong Kong and mining gear, in addition to safety suits, mining still continues to see many deaths and serious injuries over the years.

Although this is the main negative aspect of mining, it also contributes to unfair trade and child labour, especially in what is known as the ‘blood diamond’ industry in Africa, where diamonds are acquired literally through bloodshed caused in a war zone.