How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

Most would-be brides would love to have a summer time wedding that envisions a beautiful sunny day with a back drop of the sea or a breath taking garden of roses. As all weddings would undoubtedly require meticulous planning and preparation, an outdoor wedding will need a few more extra points to look in to so that Mother Nature will not steal your perfect summer wedding!

Wedding hall

The location of the wedding

The ultimate telling factor of a perfect ceremony lies in the venue. While there may be a variety of outdoor wedding venues in Singapore to choose from, it will be wise to choose the best location that suits your individual needs and desires. There are options like wineries, which are considered very romantic wedding sites and also usually have options of indoor dinning if needed. Other options include inns and summer retreats with stunning views as well as large city owned gardens that allow weddings to take place.

Investing in proper summer necessities

Unlike an indoor wedding reception, outdoor weddings will require certain criteria to look in to in order to ensure that the event goes on smoothly without any mishaps. The main must-have at a summer ceremony is heating lamps or heaters along with a tent in case the venue does not provide an indoor area. It is a must to look in to bathroom provisions on site as this can be something that can be easily overlooked. A generator or any type of adequate power source to supply for the lights, catering, music and any other requirement must be looked in to by the host party. Make sure it is also a quiet power source!

Wedding décor

The accessories and décor of the ceremony are the main items that will make the ceremony memorable and have the guests talking about for days to come. Some ideas for accessories are using garden lights or lanterns especially for an evening reception. Floating candles in the pools or large basins will also add to a romantic ambience. The tables can be decorated with flowers from the season and displayed in teapots or crystal vases.

Watch out for the weather

An outdoor marriage is susceptible to worries from natural events like rain. But not just rain, there may also be other factors to consider like excess heat, summer insects and bugs like mosquitoes or flies, humidity or even short spells of cold winds if its early autumn. However, these factors can be managed efficiently with right planning and can always be simplified by picking the right location and always having the option of indoor seating or an indoor area for guests.